Technical Features

Savigent Workflow™ is a controlled electronic system designed specifically for the automation of workflow in the manufacturing environment. Workflows are the sequence of actions that define the interactions between people, equipment and systems in the normal course of operations as well as in response to unexpected events. In Savigent Workflow™ they are represented by workflows, comprised of events that initiates work and actions and user actions that execute the workflow.

Workflows are the logical sequence of actions manufacturers define to optimally respond to the occurrence of an event, whether the event is schedule-based, manually triggered or automatically detected. Savigent workflows may be comprised of multiple event sources, fully automated actions, a variety of logical elements, and user-driven actions so users can participate in workflows.

Open Connectivity

Savigent Workflow™ has been designed to integrate with existing equipment and systems in order to provide event detection and action automation with open connectivity to a wide variety of equipment, devices, databases and communications and messaging protocols including:

  • OPC, Modbus, SECS/GEM, Serial, TCP, FTP, SMTP, SMS
  • Flat files, Oracle, SQL Server, OleDb, application APIs
  • .NET Service Bus (Windows Azure Cloud)

Built on Savigent Platform™

Savigent Workflow™ is part of Savigent Software’s  suite of products, which are highly configurable composite applications built on the distributable, service-oriented, event-driven Savigent™ Platform. This provides manufacturers with the ability to easily add and adapt functionality to meet the changing needs of business. Savigent Workflow™ is integrated into the environment, so that workflows can interact with all environment information without the need for dedicated interface types.

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Technical Features

  • Controlled workflow lifecycle from development through testing and deployment
  • 21 CFR Part 11 ready with controlled environment for all configuration changes
  • Savigent Workflow™ Engine guarantees execution of all steps of a workflow and real-time fault tolerance and persistence to a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • All event occurrences and related data are automatically stored and made available for analysis
  • Complete history of all steps of a workflow and all associated data are automatically stored and made available for analysis and playback
  • Workflow activation is based on an event occurrence and a result code to minimize the number of workflows activated
  • Intuitive design tools provide simulation and real-time validation of Savigent Workflow™ model and workflows
  • Workflow test mode allows plans to be safely deployed into production for testing