Savigent’s Software Suite

Savigent Software developed its suite of products to address the challenges of workflow automation, real-time data collection and analysis, and systems integration. The Savigent software suite – which includes Savigent Workflow™, Savigent Historian™, Savigent Platform™ and Savigent Streamline™ – provides manufacturers with the opportunity to unify manufacturing systems while easily adding and adapting functionality to meet the changing needs of business.

With open connectivity to a wide variety of manufacturing assets and systems and the ability to distribute functionality as required, Savigent’s suite is the key to unleashing efficiency, ensuring effectiveness and leveraging the economics that will help spell success for your organization.

Savigent Workflow™

Savigent Workflow™ delivers a controlled system for workflow automation, providing guaranteed compliance, unparalleled traceability and rich manufacturing intelligence. Support your continuous improvement and lean initiatives. Realize higher yields, improved product quality and increased return on operating assets.

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Savigent Historian™

Savigent Historian™ provides real-time, context-aware data collection, centralized storage and comprehensive analysis, delivering the operational information manufacturers need. Utilizing open connectivity, it is designed to adapt specifically to your manufacturing environment.

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Savigent Platform™

Savigent Platform™ dramatically simplifies the development and management of highly scalable service oriented software solutions in the manufacturing environment. It combines three powerful capabilities into one software product: a composite application development framework, unifying service architecture and managed execution environment.

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Savigent Streamline™

Savigent Streamline™ accelerates and automates the fault detection process by combining stream processing and complex event processing (CEP). Streamline filters incoming real-time data and events, automatically computing and detecting anomalies.

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