Savigent Platform™

SECS/GEM Agent Library

The Savigent Platform™ SECS/GEM Agent Library provides semiconductor, photovoltaic and surface mount technology device and equipment manufacturers with a comprehensive solution for SECS/GEM communication. The library contains agents, composite agents and solutions that leverage the full functionality of Savigent Platform™ graphical integrated development environment, allowing users to rapidly develop both host and equipment communications solutions.

Technical Features

  • 100% .NET based implementation of the SECS/GEM standards
  • .NET API to create, send and receive standards compliant messages
  • Complete .NET Object Model for SECS-II standard messages
  • XML based utility to generate tool and host specific SECS-II message models

Standards Compliance

The Savigent Platform™ SECS/GEM Agent Library is compliant with the following standards as maintained and published by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

  • SEMI E4 – SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 1 Message Transfer (SECS-I)
  • SEMI E5 – SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content (SECS-II)
  • SEMI E37 – High-Speed SECS Message Service (HSMS)

The library fully supports development of communications solutions compliant with SEMI E-30 Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM) standard.