Technical Features

Savigent Historian™ is a context-aware process data historian, a high-performance database for historical manufacturing information, and a highly scalable and distributable data collection infrastructure based on the Savigent Platform™.

Unparalleled Connectivity

Savigent Historian™ allows manufacturers to model their equipment and related manufacturing systems in an ISA-95 based equipment hierarchy (enterprise, sites, lines, work centers, machines, etc.). Data collection solutions are quickly and easily developed using the connectivity and feature rich Savigent Platform™ agent libraries. This provides open connectivity to a wide variety of equipment, devices, databases and communications and messaging protocols including:

  • OPC, Modbus, SECS/GEM, Serial, TCP, FTP, SMTP, SMS
  • Flat files, Oracle, SQL Server, OleDb, application APIs
  • Tibco, MSMQ, MQ, JMS, WCF, Web Services, DDS
  • NET Service Bus (Windows Azure Cloud)

Highly Scalable, Flexible Deployment

Data collection solutions may be deployed throughout the manufacturing environment on a collection of loosely coupled data collection nodes. Data collection nodes provide integrated store-and-forward functionality, data compression and data archiving and purging. High fidelity data collection eliminates data loss. Integrated data compression results in 50%-75% reduction in data storage size on the server without the loss of data integrity. The Savigent Historian™ server can be deployed on a dedicated server, co-located with SQL Server or deployed on multiple redundant servers with load balancing for high availability applications.

With the release of Version 6.0, infrastructure changes to Savigent Historian™ allow the software system to store terabytes of information online without degrading performance, which translates to faster query times. Version 6.0 also offers enhanced reporting features, including new IM-SQL Query Support, a powerful query language that enables engineers easy access to the data in the system. This feature can be used to investigate complex relationships with manufacturing data and also enables web-based queries. Asynchronous queries will allow engineers to process queries in the background and cache the results, freeing them up to do other tasks when executing an advance query.

Open API and Flexible Analytical Tools

Savigent Historian™ provides an open high level .NET API that enables other applications to work with collected data. It also comes with an Excel add-in for data mining, analysis and extraction and a library of Excel functions that provide access to a variety of database queries within Excel worksheets.

Technical Features

  • Flexible and scalable data collection infrastructure based on Savigent Platform™
  • Enables complex event processing to detect and capture context
  • State machines, rules, event flows, timers and schedules
  • Integrated store-and-forward functionality to eliminate data loss
  • 4GB of cached data can be stored on the node when server is offline
  • Integrated data compression
  • 50%-75% reduction in storage size on the server
  • Integrated data archiving and purging
  • Excel add-in for data mining, analysis and extraction
  • High level .Net API enable additional applications to work with collected data
  • Support for SQL Server 2005 and 2008