Using Workflow to Achieve Business Integration

Greater flexibility, less effort, and better collaboration.

Jimmy Asher, Savigent Software’s director of product strategy, is the Author of, “Using workflow to achieve business integration”, in the March/April 2014 issue of InTech®. InTech® is a publication of the International Society of Automation.

Mr. Asher elaborates in the publication, when using a work-flow based approach, companies can leverage existing purpose-based systems, extending them to, expose new functionality that was too complex to capture before while being agile for evolving business needs. Because the logic in workflow systems is graphically based, departments, managers and operators can achieve a new level of collaboration during the “coding” and execution process.

Business system integration is evolving; however, manufacturing must contend with a variety of integration methods. A workflow-based approach is an alternate method of business integration that allows greater flexibility. Workflows can wrap existing pupose-based systems, allowing for easier integration while, at the same time, remaining flexible for evolving business needs. Workflow-based integration allows a purpose-based system to be extended to maximize value in ways not possible with traditional business integration methods.

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