Savigent Software and Synchrono™ Manufacturing Software Expand Technology Partnership

Synchrono taps Savigent technology to help extend its demand-driven platform to manufacturing operations.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn, September 18, 2013 – Savigent Software, specializing in event-driven manufacturing operations management software, and Synchrono, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, today announced that they have signed an agreement outlining an expanded technology partnership. Under the new agreement, Synchrono furthers its commitment to license technology from the Savigent Catalyst™ product suite.

The Savigent suite includes event-driven manufacturing operations management software that addresses challenges related to workflow automation, real-time data collection and analysis, and systems integration. “Our solutions complement those of Synchrono very well in ways that will deliver tremendous value to manufacturers looking to synchronize their entire operations – from the shop-floor to the top floor – and provide complete transparency across the plant,” notes David Wicker, Savigent CEO.

The Synchrono portfolio includes demand-driven supply chain management software that synchronizes planning, scheduling and execution and an electronic kanban system for pull-based inventory replenishment. Synchrono solutions help manufacturers manage constraints, increase production flow and drive on-time delivery.

Technology licensed from the Savigent Catalyst suite allows Synchrono to extend its platform to the machine and work cell levels of the plant. This will enable the synchronization and monitoring of resources, materials and labor, creating instant action plans to address events that could impact quality or production. Of the added technology, Synchrono CEO David Dehne commented, “Extending our platform to the machine, along with the ability to aggregate data across the Synchrono product portfolio and external systems, will give our customers a deeper level of reporting and analysis to further drive flow and increase capacity – everything will be synchronized in real-time. The market has asked for this capability and with help from Savigent, Synchrono is uniquely positioned to deliver.”

Both Synchrono and Savigent software systems incorporate Lean principles to help manufacturers better manage constraints and promote continuous improvement through greater visibility and real-time communications. With the integration of Savigent technology into the Synchrono platform, manufacturers can take Lean to a new level; connecting people, methods, materials, machines – and data – in real-time, through a single fluid system. More information is available at

About Savigent
Savigent Software has pioneered a new class of event-driven manufacturing operations management software. The company currently serves manufacturers in a variety of industries including automotive, semiconductor, industrial, specialty chemical, consumer packaged goods, and aerospace and defense. Customers served by Savigent are seeking increased efficiencies, agile control of manufacturing assets, and improved process control and product quality. The company also serves OEMs and independent software vendors by providing value-added software solutions for their products. Its Catalyst™ suite of products provides solutions for workflow automation, manufacturing intelligence and systems integration.

About Synchrono
Synchrono is leading the movement in demand-driven manufacturing software with a portfolio of applications that focus on enterprise and operational management – from supply chain and inventory management to production and execution systems. All delivered through a real-time, dynamic and web-based technology platform.

Bringing Lean and Constraints Management principles to life, the company’s inclusive, yet modular approach allows for continuous, real-time information integration and flow throughout the plant and beyond to the extended supply chain. With Synchrono, manufacturers gain visibility across their organization for greater clarity while enterprise-focused tools help control costs and variability driving on-time performance and a clear competitive advantage.





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