Catalyst Historian Helps Uponor Focus on Continuous Improvement

Savigent Software publishes Case Study with Uponor focused on leveraging Data Collection to drive Continuous Improvement.

MINNETONKA, MINN. –  Savigent Software, Inc., the Minnetonka-based company specializing in event-driven manufacturing operations management software, announced today that it has published a new case study with Uponor, Inc. focused on its implementation of Catalyst Historian™ and use of data collection to drive continuous improvement initiatives.

At Uponor, Catalyst Historian™ provides a comprehensive solution for manufacturing data collection, storage, contextualization and analysis.  The system serves as a common, centralized repository for key performance indicator (KPI) data for Uponor’s entire manufacturing operation.  Continuous improvement initiatives underway at Uponor leverage the data provided by the system for decision support.  The case study highlights Uponor’s experiences improving equipment performance, driving higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reducing scrap rates.

Uponor selected seven scrap codes to follow to gauge return on investment. For the past six months—the time the company has been using Catalyst Historian™ on a full-time basis—scrap has been reduced by 6 percent. “That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Rusty Callier, director of operations at Uponor.  “It is a number we can measure now (based on the scrap codes), but we know there are another dozen codes that we can reduce.  Additionally, we’ve had a number of continuous improvement projects that were realized due to faster data mining.”  A further benefit, says Callier, is how easy it has been to work with Savigent.  “They ‘get’ production,” he says. “They understand what makes a company money and how to use their tool to their client’s benefit.”

Jay Mellen, Savigent’s executive vice president of business development, remarked, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a world-class manufacturer like Uponor, and excited to announce the release of this new case study. Our work, Savigent’s team together with the exceptional group of individuals at Uponor, demonstrates the flexibility and benefits of Catalyst Historian™ in a complex and dynamic plastics extrusion business.”

Catalyst Historian™ is a context-aware process data historian, a high-performance database for historical manufacturing information, and a highly scalable and distributable data collection infrastructure based on the Catalyst Platform™.  The historian has been optimized to capture and store both time-series process data as well as event-based context data, such as temperatures and pressures (time-series process data) and equipment state (event-based context data).  Combining event-based context data with process data yields contextualized information about manufacturing equipment and processes.

The case study can be found on Savigent’s web site at

About Uponor

Uponor, Inc. is a leading supplier of plumbing, fire safety and radiant heating and cooling systems for the residential and commercial building markets in the United States. Uponor, Inc. employs 380 people at its North American headquarters in Apple Valley, Minn. For more information, visit, or call (800) 321-4739.

About Savigent

Founded in 1994, Savigent Software has pioneered a new class of event-driven manufacturing operations management software. The company currently serves manufacturers in a variety of industries including automotive, semiconductor, industrial, specialty chemical, consumer packaged goods, and aerospace and defense. Customers served by Savigent are seeking increased efficiencies, agile control of manufacturing assets, and improved process control and product quality. The company also serves OEMs and independent software vendors by providing value-added software solutions for their products. Its Catalyst™ suite of products provides solutions for workflow automation, manufacturing intelligence and systems integration.

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