Savigent endorses MESA Global Education Program

MINNETONKA, Minn. – Savigent Software, Inc., the Minnetonka-based company specializing in event-driven manufacturing operations management software, is a proud supporter of MESA* International and the MESA Global Education Program (GEP).  As such, Savigent is pleased to announce that it is hosting an upcoming MESA GEP program on September 13th and 14th, 2011 at its headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Jay Mellen, Savigent’s executive vice president of business development, said, “MESA has been a great resource for Savigent and we appreciate the opportunity to host the MESA GEP program this September.  This MESA and GEP committee initiative is an invaluable resource to the industry, providing attendees with the tools they need to achieve superior results from their MES/MOM projects.”

MES/MOM** professionals can earn Certificates of Awareness and Certificates of Competency from MESA by completing classroom study and attaining the necessary test scores for both in-course and out-of-course testing.  These professionals will gain insight and expert knowledge of the key methodologies and business functions applicable to MES/MOM systems and earn the right to use the MESA GEP logo, a mark-of-distinction recognizing their commitment to the MES/MOM arena.

Mike James, Chairman of the MESA Education Committee welcomed Savigent’s support in a personal statement. “MESA is providing this global education program to manufacturers, system integrators, solution providers and consultants around the world. This cross-industry learning platform is ideal for sharing knowledge, views and best practices and embedding the knowledge required for successful MES/MOM implementations. Savigent’s endorsement is important to MESA and further evidence of the widespread industry need and support for the program.”

For more information, contact your Savigent representative or visit or the program links below.

*MESA = Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association
**MES/MOM = Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management

About Savigent

Founded in 1994, Savigent Software has pioneered a new class of event-driven manufacturing operations management software. The company currently serves manufacturers in a variety of industries including automotive, semiconductor, industrial, specialty chemical, consumer packaged goods, and aerospace and defense. Customers served by Savigent are seeking increased efficiencies, agile control of manufacturing assets, and improved process control and product quality. The company also serves OEMs and independent software vendors by providing value-added software solutions for their products. Its Catalyst™ suite of products provides solutions for workflow automation, manufacturing intelligence and systems integration.

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