B2MML, SECS/GEM and Speech I/O Agent Libraries released for As One’s Catalyst SDP

Catalyst SDP 3.3 Product Announcement

Minnetonka, Minnesota, January 15, 2010 – As One Technologies, Inc. announced the release of B2MML, SECS/GEM and Speech I/O Agent Libraries for its Catalyst System Development Platform (SDP) and the release of Catalyst SDP version 3.3.

“We believe in Open Connectivity and strive to continually add new features and capabilities to our Catalyst Platform in support of this belief”, said Jay Mellen, Exec. V.P., Business Development at As One Technologies. “We have utilized the B2MML Agent Library to implement interoperable B2MML Gateways, providing standardized integration between ERP, MES and SCADA systems. Our SECS/GEM Agent Library provides host- and equipment-side solutions for communication with semiconductor capital equipment. And our Speech I/O Agent Library allows us to, for example, develop solutions that provide verbal commands to and recognize verbal responses from operators on the plant floor.”

B2MML Agent Library

As One’s B2MML Agent Library was designed to ease ISA-95 compliant integration between different enterprise systems and between enterprise systems and SCADA/plant floor equipment. The library supports all B2MML Documents, Transactions, Nouns and Verbs and provides bidirectional conversion between B2MML Documents and As One’s B2MML .NET Object Model. This library, when combined with the Open Connectivity and event driven execution capabilities of Catalyst SDP, provides manufacturers with the ability to cost effectively implement highly flexible ISA-95 compliant integration solutions.

SECS/GEM Agent Library

Both HSMS and Serial connectivity Agents are provided with the SECS/GEM Agent Library, allowing the development of either host- or equipment-side solutions for communication with semiconductor capital equipment. The library also comes with a variety of Composite Agents that help parse and create SECS/GEM messages as well as handle messages to or from equipment such as alarms, equipment constants, status variables and recipes. Example solutions that demonstrate use of the Agents and communications using SECS/GEM are also provided.

Speech I/O Agent Library

The Speech I/O Agent Library utilizes Microsoft’s Speech Technology and was designed to provide voice recognition and text-to-speech capabilities to Catalyst SDP Solutions and Catalyst xM. With the Speech I/O Agent Library, users can quickly and easily add voice controls, through voice recognition, to existing applications or HMI’s, or utilize the text-to-speech capabilities to provide automated direction to users/operators from any source of text. The Speech I/O Agent Library is a part of the Standard Agent Library that comes with Catalyst SDP version 3.3.

Open Connectivity

As One’s Catalyst suite of products has been designed to integrate with a manufacturers existing equipment and systems with Open Connectivity to a wide variety of equipment, devices, databases and communications and messaging protocols including: OPC, SECS/GEM, Serial, TCP, FTP, SMTP, SMS, Flat files, Oracle, SQL Server, custom application APIs, Tibco, MSMQ, MQ-Series, JMS, WCF, SOAP/REST/WS, DDS, SAP MII, and .NET Service Bus (Windows Azure Cloud).

About Catalyst

As One Technologies developed its Catalyst suite of products to address the challenges of real-time data collection, contextualization and analysis, systems integration, and workflow automation (critical event detection and response). The Catalyst suite of products are highly configurable composite applications built on a common, distributable event-driven platform. This provides manufacturers with the ability to easily add and adapt functionality to meet the changing needs of business and unify manufacturing systems. With open connectivity to a wide variety of manufacturing assets and systems and the ability to distribute functionality as required, Catalyst is the key to unleashing efficiency.

Founded in 1994, As One Technologies, Inc. has pioneered a new class of event-driven manufacturing operations management software that unifies systems within the manufacturing environment. We are driven by a vision of highly efficient manufacturing systems that operate As One, with flexible and extendible software solutions that provide real-time orchestration and integration. Our Catalyst suite of products has been proven in demanding manufacturing environments at Fortune 500 manufacturers.


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