As One Technologies releases Catalyst PDC Context-Aware Data Historian

Minnetonka, Minnesota, October 16, 2009 – As One Technologies, Inc. announced the release of its Catalyst PDC software today. Catalyst PDC is a context-aware data historian built on As One’s Catalyst Platform. Designed to function seamlessly with the full suite of Catalyst products, Catalyst PDC provides distributed, real-time data collection and storage in addition to a comprehensive data analysis tool.

“One of the key differences between Catalyst PDC and other data historians is the concept of context variables”, said Jamie Bolseth, Director of Engineering at As One Technologies. “Think of context variables as book markers in the time sequenced streams of process data which allow users to easily go back into the data streams and look at only the data for a particular context, such as Lot ID or Serial Number, making analysis much more intuitive than traditional data historian solutions.”

Flexible, fault tolerant deployment options make Catalyst PDC a suitable solution for the harsh and sometimes unpredictable conditions found in many manufacturing environments. Catalyst PDC can be configured with a store and forward capability to locally store data as soon as it is collected while concurrently communicating with a centralized storage server as it is available to process data. This provides the ability to continuously capture data without the risk of losing data.

“The release of Catalyst PDC is a continuation of our efforts to expand the features and capabilities of our Catalyst suite of products”, said Jay Mellen, Exec. V.P., Business Development at As One Technologies. “Catalyst PDC provides a very competitive, cost effective solution for manufacturers that want to implement a centralized data collection and storage solution. It also leverages the connectivity capabilities of the underlying Catalyst Platform which really excites us. When used in conjunction with our .NET Service Bus agents, for example, it provides the ability to address the needs of fault tolerant, multi-site or remote asset data collection through Windows Azure Cloud.”

Catalyst PDC has been designed to integrate with a manufacturers existing equipment and systems in order to provide centralized, robust data storage, with open connectivity to a wide variety of equipment, devices, databases and communications and messaging protocols including: OPC, SECS/GEM, Serial, TCP, FTP, SMTP, SMS, Flat files, Oracle, SQL Server, custom application APIs, Tibco, MSMQ, MQ-Series, JMS, WCF, SOAP/REST/WS, DDS, SAP MII, and .NET Service Bus (Windows Azure Cloud).

About Catalyst

As One Technologies developed its Catalyst suite of products to address the challenges of real-time data collection, contextualization and analysis, systems integration, and critical event detection and response. The Catalyst suite of products are highly configurable composite applications built on a common, distributable event-driven platform. This provides manufacturers with the ability to easily add and adapt functionality to meet the changing needs of business and unify manufacturing systems. With open connectivity to a wide variety of manufacturing assets and systems and the ability to distribute functionality as required, Catalyst is the key to unleashing efficiency.
About As One Technologies

Founded in 1994, As One Technologies, Inc. has pioneered a new class of event-driven manufacturing operations management software that unifies systems within the manufacturing environment. We are driven by a vision of highly efficient manufacturing systems that operate As One, with flexible and extendible software solutions that provide real-time orchestration and integration. Our Catalyst suite of products has been proven in demanding manufacturing environments at Fortune 500 manufacturers.


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