As One Technologies October 2009 Update

Complimentary Catalyst SDP Training November 16-18, 2009

As One Technologies is offering complimentary Catalyst SDP Training November 16-18, 2009 at our offices in Minnetonka, MN. The training course will provide 3 days of hands-on training with Catalyst SDP and the Catalyst Platform. If you are interested attending the course or have questions, please contact Mike Gottsacker at (952) 548-5644 -or- Space is limited.

Catalyst SDP combines three powerful concepts into one software product: a composite application development framework, unifying service architecture and distributed execution capability. Catalyst SDP dramatically simplifies software and system development for manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs/ISVs, allowing them to quickly and easily integrate highly disparate manufacturing systems and address a variety of application needs within the manufacturing environment.

New Agent Libraries Available for Evaluation

As One Technologies has developed two exciting new Agent Libraries for Catalyst SDP, a B2MML Transaction Agent Library and .NET Service Bus Agent Library. Both are available for evaluation. If you are interested evaluation copies please contact us.

B2MML Transaction Agent Library

The B2MML Transaction Agent Library was designed to ease ISA-95 compliant integration between different enterprise systems and between enterprise systems and SCADA/plant floor equipment. The library supports all B2MML Documents, Transactions, Nouns and Verbs and provides bidirectional conversion between B2MML Documents and As One’s B2MML .NET Object Model. This library, when combined with the Open Connectivity and event driven execution capabilities of Catalyst SDP, provides manufacturers with the ability to cost effectively implement highly flexible ISA-95 compliant integration solutions.

.NET Service Bus Agent Library

The .NET Service Bus Agent Library was designed to extend Catalyst Services to run on Windows Azure cloud services operating system. Windows Azure based Catalyst Services provide a secure communication channel through the cloud. This enables a new class of solutions for secure remote site and widely distributed asset management.

Open Connectivity

Catalyst SDP has been designed to integrate with a manufacturers existing equipment and systems in order to provide Open Connectivity to a wide variety of equipment, devices, databases and communications and messaging protocols including: OPC, SECS/GEM, Serial, TCP, FTP, SMTP, SMS, Flat files, Oracle, SQL Server, custom application APIs, Tibco, MSMQ, MQ-Series, JMS, WCF, SOAP/REST/WS, DDS, SAP MII, and .NET Service Bus (Windows Azure Cloud).

Learn more about Catalyst SDP or contact us to set up an introductory call.

About Catalyst

As One Technologies developed its Catalyst suite of products to address the challenges of real-time data collection, contextualization and analysis, systems integration, and critical event detection and response. The Catalyst suite of products are highly configurable composite applications built on a common, distributable event-driven platform. This provides manufacturers with the ability to easily add and adapt functionality to meet the changing needs of business and unify manufacturing systems. With open connectivity to a wide variety of manufacturing assets and systems and the ability to distribute functionality as required, Catalyst is the key to unleashing efficiency.
About As One Technologies

Founded in 1994, As One Technologies, Inc. has pioneered a new class of event-driven manufacturing operations management software that unifies systems within the manufacturing environment. We are driven by a vision of highly efficient manufacturing systems that operate As One, with flexible and extendible software solutions that provide real-time orchestration and integration. Our Catalyst suite of products has been proven in demanding manufacturing environments at Fortune 500 manufacturers.


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